3 thoughts on “The Spare-a-Dime? Daily Cap (72)

  1. I find it extremely difficult to deal with these, here (Downunder) … I live on the age pension, and it’s a struggle keeping the ends together; and our people who have to beg can get quite … antsy when you put small coins into their receptacles. And that makes me grumpy, and ’round it goes …


    1. M.R., the mild climate of North Texas sees many homeless people doing what it takes to live day-to-day. I’ve talked to them on the streets and have a conflicted attitude towards the situation in general. When challenged with a life-changing conversation, our homeless will often times struggle with a positive outlook and an unwillingness to change their lifestyle of panhandling and receiving food, clothing, and shelter from church benevolence. I know of the grumpiness you refer to…and coupled with a sadness for the self-helplessness this population seemingly perpetuates a lot of the times.


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