The Towering Daily Cap (123)

Is it me or do these towers make no sense standing in the roadway median without what seems to be a purpose?
Over the years, even I have come to objectively appreciate most any creative expression found in our landscape, regardless of whether it is liked or not. But it was these sizable, boxy, unadorned towers of puzzling public artistry rhyme and architectural reason, standing in an obscure city roadway median, that left me saying ‘what the heck?’. So stopping momentarily to contemplate the true purpose for their existence, I realized each tower is, with intention, illuminated. Oh! Well if they’re lighted too, they now make sense…ahem.

3 thoughts on “The Towering Daily Cap (123)

      1. I’d like to imagine you giving it a go! Ahem, don’t forget to chant, “All hail the sun,” while drinking large quantities of alcohol. I’ve read that’s how it’s done across the pond. :)


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