Now what’s he talking about? Well, I have many things to talk about, thank you very much.

Mostly, what I have to say (and will) is a result of a collection of unique memories from family, friends, pets, career, experiences, fun times as well as sad times. Please know I will try to posture these posts in an opportunistic light, letting the shadows do what they will. Because don’t you know even the shadows of life can be humorous, eventful, and educational at times.

Understand one thing right up front: I may embellish the stories a bit. That is not to say I’m making it up as I go. I do so for the picture painting, the sparking of a memory, and a pleasing smile I hope to capture. The intent is to entertain, not to whine, complain, or annoy you with slanted political opinions.

Occasionally you might see a story or two involving my career – one being that of a professional landscape architect. Those experiences, if told, would be full of richness and privilege as I have had a great career with wonderful projects to speak of (despite the fact most folks haven’t a clue what it is I really do…and no, I don’t mow lawns or plant trees).

And then there are the pictures. Damn digital photography! I’m taking 15,000+ pictures a year since I moved away from the film cameras. You’d think with that kind of practice I’d be pretty good. Well I’m not, but go ahead and see for yourself. And you be the judge: I try to let my pictures do the same entertaining that my written posts are intended to do.

Check back often as I’ve also been known to sneak in a one-liner post, as well as exercise editorial license once a story has been posted (as my thoughts usually come to me faster than I can type, I get ahead of my self and “publish” too soon,  and my proofreading skills, well…they’re bad sometimes).

Perhaps you will enjoy the stories, whether they are in written form or graphical. Feel free to share your comments if you’re so inclined. If you want to know something about me, post a comment – I’ll tell you a story.


49 thoughts on “About

  1. As always, you captured the day’s memories in colorful word. As much as I enjoy reading your blogs after each life event, I know that I will enjoy them, and appreciate them even more, months and years from now. Thanks, Tim, and keep up the good work. You are now the May Family Historian! bec :o)


  2. Hey Tim, this is Randy Browning from your ole USA Engineers days. Looks like you’re doing good! Nice pictures.


    1. Randy! How in the world are you? What a fantastic surprise. Glad you found the blog too! Doing well…staying ornery.


      1. I did a search for the new UNT Stadium and some pictures came up with Tim May on them. I said hey I know a Tim May and it turned out to be you. Good to hear from you. I talk to Bob Pruett every now and then.


  3. I am just saying ‘hi’ because I have just subscribed to your blog, which looks really interesting by the way, and I look forward to reading your posts and looking at your pictures! X


  4. Great blog and wonderful photos! Thanks for following my blog! I will try not to post many photos of my yard since you are a professional landscape architect. I wouldn’t want to give you a headache…. :)


    1. Oh my, don’t concern yourself too much with that. I practice to old saying: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes…” with the landscape around my house. I look forward to following your blog regardless of you posting home landscapes or not. :)


      1. Ha, ha! It is the same with carpenters I believe. I really do have some cool things in my yard and frequently photograph either small details or use some areas as shooting spaces for portrait photography, however the big picture is rather boring. My sister’s place on the other hand is marvelous. She and her husband have a lawn service business and she is amazing with her eye and her green thumb. Things see me coming and think “oh, no, not her again!” I haven’t really had much time to dig into the site much, but I hope that you have some photos on here of your work. It is too hot right now to even think about going out and doing any yard work for me, but I start to get inspired usually around late Sept and Feb or March.


  5. Hello Tim! Can I have the honor of featuring your and your works in my digital magazine? It’s not a commercial endeavor, just an ongoing online project of mine. I plan to come out with Issue #7 by end of March. Here’s a link to the previous issues where I have showcased some photo bloggers: http://junsjazzimages.wordpress.com/digital-magazine/ It would be great to have you in the upcoming issue. Much thanks. I await your reply. Keep on clicking with your wonderful images. Best regards! ~JJ


      1. Thank you for the go signal Tim! I don’t want to bother you with anything so just trust me to pick out 6 to 7 of the best images in your blog. But I do have a small request. Can you make a short write-up about yourself? 4 to 5 sentences on how you started in photography and what you look out for when taking pictures, stuff like that. Please email me the write up at jazzmanjun@gmail.com Welcome aboard Issue 7! Thanks again!~JJ


    1. Mona, it’s so good to hear from you! I love your blog (I’ve managed to keep up with you through your travels and life milestones) and always welcome your comments over here!


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