Giving Thanks Trip

Dad/Great Grandpa and our Little Guy Eli
Dad/Great Grandpa and our Little Guy Eli

This weekend was met with considerable road time and quality family time. We are a bit worn out to say the least but worth the 1600 miles, snow, flat tire, big helping of traditional turkey-day stuff(ing), road construction delays, and eating well at a couple nice restaurants in Austin.

Wednesday had me driving to Wichita to pickup Deb at the airport – she was on a return leg of a business trip from Minneapolis by way of Chicago O’Hare. 10 minutes from a 10 a.m. arrival, I brush up against a curb at the Kansas Turnpike Toll Booth and pop the stem on the front driver’s side tire. The poor lady attendant in the toll booth – she tought she had been shot by the look on her face when that stem broke off with a loud “pop”. It turned out to be an hour or so delay getting the tire changed and repaired. I finally got to the airport to pick up Deb a wee bit late (thank heavens for cell phones).


Thanksgiving day was a miserable blast like usual. Turkey was eaten at both families’ table. All was good but the pies and other desserts were most notable (I like pies). I am glad to say all is well with both families.

We woke up to an inch of snow Friday morning. That was cool (no pun intended).

Back to DFW Friday to give Mackie (The Queen of Scots) a hug, a throw of a toy, and freshen her water (not to worry, OFNi subject Sarah was checking in on her during our trip); up Saturday morn for a trip to Austin for the FS’s 27th birthday. Nice trip except for the road construction. Finally after the 5th I-35 come-to-a-stop delay, we bushwacked cross country Saturday afternoon. A normal 3 1/2 hour drive took 5 hours – and it was the same coming back Sunday afternoon. Well worth the drive hassles however to see FS and STBFDIL…did I mention we ate well?

As I try to do whenever I can, I photowalked (or should I say phototraveled). A few pictures of the weekend in this blog; more on Flicker.

A snow fence
A snow fence

Thanks to family seen – I took pictures of most of y’all (some good, some not so good): Dad, Tony, Bec, Mikey (Tony & Bec’s Boxer) Dani, Cooper (Dani’s bulldog), TR, Sue, Trevor, Kristie, Toby, Eli, Tara, Milton & Terri (Sue’s folks), Paul, Dorothy, Dema-cat (Paul’s whiney, always-looking-for-a-hand-out political farm cat), Gus (Paul’s Border Collie), Mike, Tanya, Max (Mike’s bird dog), Sue, Tim, Jacob, Brodie (Sue’s wheaten Scottie), Tyler, Tammy.


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