Some of us get a snow day…

…some of us don’t (it’s actually ice don’t cha know). But a late start to the day is OK. Ice hit the DFW Metroplex last night, and when that happens the local TV stations have non-stop sensationalism news stories that make the weather event more dramatic than it really is, are quite humorous at first, and then quickly become annoying as field reporters will search for any thing to report back to the station.

Hey but I digress, this morning’s weather afforded me the 365 Photo(s) (you are following those photos on my companion blog, right?) of the day:


Ice-laden Nandina berries
Ice-laden Nandina berries

Icy sheen on Junipers
Icy sheen on Junipers

And don’t forget, as mentioned in a previous blog Permission Granted to all Flashers, with this kind of weather drivers are hereby given permission to operate their flashers at all times while traversing the slick roads of Dallas-Fort Worth. We all should get those flashers for our autos…apparently it makes other cars come to a complete stop before crashing into you, as well as prevents slipping and sliding over any given amount of ice on the roads.


One thought on “Some of us get a snow day…

  1. Love the photos …

    And a little “amen” in response to your comments about the dramatic reports on how awful and dangerous and show-stopping the 1/10″ of ice was gonna be.

    Also – isn’t it nice how ice storms have a way of identifying all of the idiot drivers and helping them sliiiide off of the road, out of your way? =)


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