Professional exercise –

OK faithfuls, a few minutes taken to finally check the health of the blog and I find myself doing so in an overpriced hotel room in Austin. Sorry for the pregnant pause in postings. Maybe I’m still trying to digest FB Tony and OFNi Dani’s comments on why it’s OK to knock down a piece of history….

image_017In town/out of town for a few days attending our professional society’s (Texas ASLA) state conference. It is also an opportunity to meet up with a few old friends, listen to others express a professional opinion or two in front of their peers, and also catch one’s breath away from the office politics, phones, and interruptions. Meetings like this are always “never a dull moment”.

The way cool start to the Austin trip was spent at the dinner table with FS and FSTBDIL. I had a plate of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli – it was good. Nice choice that Blue Star Cafeteria was Beeba!

Along the way to the restaurant, I realized I left my camera back at the hotel. I was left with trying to figure out my cell phone’s camera…ughhhhhhhh. There were at least 2 dozen photo opps along Lamar and Medical, dang it, and I didn’t count the return trip from the restaurant. image_0141

Then at the restaurant, I fully realized where I was when I walked by this patron’s parked car. Oh yeah…groovy bumper sticker man.

At a stop light afterwards however, we came across what has to now be my picture of the day today.  A 25′ tall lamp and lamp shade in front of…what else but…a lamp store. The picture does little justice to the size and scale of the sign. Beeba just is the personality to stop traffic while I frame the picture properly. WUWT?

I can enthusiastically say my Canon and I could spend a month in Austin as long as the memory chips don’t run out.

Will be updating the blog more regular soon, I hope. Twitter might be the update medium the next couple days.

6 thoughts on “Professional exercise –

  1. It was a second hand clothing store. Unfortunately, because it was dark, you missed the two dressers on the roof. Ahhhhh…Austin.


  2. OFB: eat your greens
    OFNi: thanks Em
    OFSIL: my unintentional bad…but then TR nevers reads my blog. So nobody tell him
    STBFDIL: maybe I will go home that way…in the light of day – I gotta see the two dressers on the roof now.


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