College town cribs

As I often do, during the lunch hour I roam around town trying to find interesting, odd, or unusual photo opportunities. Those that I’m with, I sometimes (often times) make them stop and tolerate my picture taking. Either way, when working in a town with 2 major universities (accounting for about 40,000 students combined), you will find those opps without too much effort.

Where's the roof?

Today’s venture takes a student housing / architectural look at the town I grow to thoroughly enjoy more each day. Having one of the universities as my client, I was walking back to my off-campus parked car after an on-campus meeting. I looked across the street and asked a simple question to my fellow meeting attendees: “what happened to the roof of that building?”. All I got was a rather odd look of “why would you notice that?”, followed by some chuckling.

The roof that doesn't know when to quit

Getting into the car, we head back to the office and lo and behold not more than 5 blocks away the “what happened to the roof?” question was answered…”it settled on this building – the building where the roof doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to stop! OK, at least I thought it to be coincidentally funny.

Please knock or gently tap with your car bumper

Then, not but 2 blocks from the “shingle hut” was this “apartment”. Keep in mind that I’m now on a side street, at the fringe of a major D-1 college campus…what do you think the odds are that this “apartment” is occupied by some poor college kid that never gets his mail; his pull-up driveway so conveniently located within a reasonable walking distance of “home”.

Personally, I/we were once in a very similar boat…a resident of student status at a major university, living in married student housing, feeding 2 kids on a typical student grocery budget and struggling with a $186 monthly rent (water and heating paid) that several times did not get paid on time. Ahhhhh, those were the days for sure. And how I wish I had that $186 monthly rent now.

#29 Jardine Terrace...those were the days of cheap rent and many, many foreign student neighbors

We ventured back to the ol’ college town last summer for two of my favorite professors’ retirement party. We stopped by the married student housing apartment we had for nearly 4 years. It’s now a day-care facility for married students but it still brought back fond memories of fun struggles. We lived on the second floor, 3rd door down from the right BTW. I think the university housing still employs the same people from 27 years ago – they seemed to recognize us driving by the apartment as that couple that took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to pay rent some months (but we didn’t walk the lease nor did we owe any money when we took off for Texas!). FD used to give them hugs, but we just waved and smiled at the ol’ maintenance guys.

2 thoughts on “College town cribs

  1. Gerry and I would appreciate it if you would quit taking pictures of our house! We take pride on being able to park our house where ever when ever. I thought the curtains were a nice touch myself. :P


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