Got in a partial round at least

IMG_9900While back in Kansas for a long weekend, advantage was taken of an infrequent opportunity to golf with Dad and the two FBs. We typically only golf together one Friday per year – at the Ellis County Relay for Life Golf Tournament every June. We need the practice in order to beat Dad’s foursome of grandkids (FD does/has not played…and really doesn’t have a desire to play ever since she ever-so-bravely stood up to a 9-iron thump on the head at an early age, while at a driving range with dear ol’ dad…ruined to golf recreation for her, for life I think).

IMG_991125% of the Grandkid Foursome played with us on that rainy, blustery Mother’s Day morn. OFNi Dani was scouting the older talent while working on her own game. OFNi Tara was unable to drag her “big-o-lazy-butt-up-outta-bed as she was seemingly too incapacitated from an evening’s results of a German wedding party the night before. OFNe Trev had a business to run. FS stayed in Austin for the weekend.

As always with us, a round of golf is never dull nor is it boring. Dad was nursing an upset stomach and other ailments, and each swing of his club could have proved…unhealthy in many ways (thankfully he trooper’d through the round); OFB Tony had a strange club in his bag; one rarely seen in his presence – that being a driver (put it away Tone and no one will get hurt); OFB Terry was operating on little sleep as IMG_9904he was at the same wedding party as his daughter (my OFNi Tara) meaning we all were experiencing the distasteful aftermath of his keg-o-beer encounter (at least Tara stayed home); OFNi Dani had a golf swing that no one could figure out why it did not result better, but you know she always advanced the ball…be it 25 yards at a time, but it never did a CUT (Crazy Uncle Tim); and for me…well I was respectful in my playing until the 2nd shot on the 10th hole.

Some golfing god gave name to club parts a long time ago…a club somehow has a heel and toe, and it’s that toe I keep stubbing. You see when one “toes a shot”, that unusually means you’ve hit the ball off the end (tip) of the club and the result is it will most like not go where you intended it to go. My one most unusual “toed” shot grazed the shoulders of OSD (One Startled Dad) as he sat innocently in his golf court, starring straight ahead and 90° to the intended trajectory of my golf shot. Yup, my 2nd shot on the 10th hole sure did go right between his back and the golf cart canopy posts behind the seat. It was a perfectly placed shot as my margin for error was maybe 3″ (between hitting Dad in the ear hole or careening the IMG_9908shot off the post and into the back of his head). This game definitely needs more comic relief.

RFL/the May family’s tournament experience comes June 12th this year. The grandkids better be ready…the other 7 playing better be careful around each and every one of my golf shots. You just never know….

Had a blast Dad, FBs, and OFNi Dani even though we were rained off the course after 10 holes. Hey, did anyone notice Dad didn’t argue when we said lets take it to the house…I’m not sure whether his stomach had him feeling that bad (he and I have played in snow and sleet before) or I scared the beegeebers out of him with my errant and erratic golfing – once again (don’t ask anyone about last year’s shot…they won’t tell you the real truth I’m sure).

For the umpteenth time Dad, sorry ’bout the shot nearly heard/fealt clear back to the 19th hole. I’ll carry your bag anytime.


5 thoughts on “Got in a partial round at least

  1. Hey – way to fire up Tara – you guys better watch out cuz she’s gonna out-drive all of ya next time, that is if she doesn’t have a wedding to attend the night before!

    Hearsay is that Dani has approached a hitting coach for some private lessons before the BIG game, so looooook out!

    Tony’s hair will be braided in a ponytail for the big game as, by then, it will be down the middle of his back. His goal is to look AND sing like Willie Nelson.

    Shhhhhh, it’s a secret!!! I overheard Moose on the phone ordering Mizuno batting helmets for all the May family (Tony’s will have the ponytail hole). Something to do with the fear of errant hit balls flying here, there, and everywhere – kind of a safety issue, I guess, not a fashion statement.

    Bec :o)


  2. I will learn to hit a driver someday. Still wanting to put a Driver head on my 5 iron shaft. Maybe have a little more control.

    The “Grandkids” have no chance this year. Sorry, but true.

    Trying to get special face mask for the batting helmets. Ours keeps a baseball from going thru, but worried about the golf ball!!!!

    Tim, I will have a “special” cigar for you. I see some of the best shots ever when we play!! Looking forward to the Tournament!


  3. That’s it…give it up now cause my 2-3 times per week lunch hour driving range training regiment will have all of you sweating in the helmets come tournament time…hopefully because of the temperature, not the worry of getting struck by my Noodle+ (that is my golf ball of choice BTW, otherwise that sounds kind of creepy huh?).

    And just for the record, OFNi Tara might out drive us all (if she can get herself to the course in a sober and/or non-hangover condition) only because she plays from the sissy tees puting her 150 yards closer to the pin than the rest of us (so I might exaggerate a bit there). Love ya girrrrrr friend.

    As for OFNi Dani: hitting coach hmmmmmmm. He’s my tip – no charge…move the ball back in your stance and work on a different grip. This is actually your Grandpa’s tip (he might charge you) – getting golfing advice from a guy that hits golf shots perpendicular to the fairway (that would be me) is probably not a good thing to start with.

    And finally, if Tony has a pony tail then he gets to play from the reds with Tara and Dani and he will be called “Moosey” from here on out. Maybe then his tribute singing will be more like Reba, Trisha, or Martina :)


  4. All I can say is that I hope “Moosey”, “OFNi Dani”, and “OFNi Tara” are as faithful at reading this blog as I am. I’m thinking Tim has inherited those nasty May genes when it comes to head games. So, without further adoo – Let The Games Begin!!! bec :o)


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