The good things from the Power of Word

The fun of blogging is reaching out to readers to the extent a comment is prompted. My recent posting of MJ surfaced a new found friend, a new fellow WordPress blogger of a young age with refreshingly polite, yet differing opinions than mine on the subject.

Another objecting opinion to my posts that join the ranks of regulars OFSIL Bec, OFGP JaiJai, OFNiDani, OFNi Emily, and of course OFB Tony (I know of a few other readers but they remain silent in their commentary).

Cheesy I know, but blogging is fun…did I already say that once?

Meeyayts and my comment exchanges can be read on the proceeding post as well as Power of Word. Not a bad dialogue exchange if I do say so myself.


3 thoughts on “The good things from the Power of Word

  1. I love it Becky…thank you for providing the rest of us with the proper news that should be talked about. I mean are you kidding me…this was the man who directed america through crisis…and delivered the news. Not that Brittany Spears had shaved her head in a moment of stupidity again but that a President had been shot and was gone. Rest in peace Cronkite and know that fame is fleeting but respect is forever.


  2. thanks for the shout out tm :) meeyayts here, had to change accounts, planning on doing more than just blogging on this account. Your opinion on my writing means alot, if you wouldn’t mind taking a peek, I’d be very thankful.


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