Return from a Paradise

So the Blog has suffered some neglect of late. I’ve missed two weekends of college football – ughhhhhhh; one week’s worth of sarcasm opportunities have escaped these pages; Mackie Queen of Scots still lays across my lap in an effort to not let me go anywhere again without her.

But it was worth enduring all those daily-grind withdrawals. My co-workers, my heart, soul and sanity, and most importantly my family needed me to go away for a while on a trip to Canada…with Dad and OFB Terry.IMG_3951 I’m so glad we did just that.

This vacation was bought and planned for nearly a year by the sons (brothers). It was a combination Christmas, Birthday, and Thanks-for-being-our-Dad gift for a 75th birthday and milestone celebration of 50+ years of fatherhood. So we went fishing, damn it!

IMG_3786What an absolute glorious time we had at Halley’s Camps near Minaki, Ontario. Dad had an “awesome experience…fantasic trip” – the only reason he didn’t out-fish all his sons is because OFB Tony was unable to join us for the trip – something to do with a national sales meetings and keeping his job, for crying out loud. We missed him dearly on this trip, but know he would have probably finished owing us IMG_3728all big money from our week-long $1-for-the-first-fish/double-or-nothing daily fish competition anyway. (BTW, the guy in the ball cap is Mac the Guide…and we had no Shark bites….).IMG_3725

Over the next several days, some of the 750+ pictures and 450 meg of video will be culled through and posted to the internet for all to see, and this blog will summarize the chronicled vacation on a day-by-day basis.  I will start a separate “Got Away” page, of which will see stories (posts) buried in “folders”. This trip has a general post: Halley’s Camp Canada 2009. Each day of our trip will have its own fish story, so to speak (write). The first installment, written in a pseudo-diary format, is Halley-Canada Day 1 (Travel). Once you see how that works, hopefully you will agree that my anal organization obsessions are better than my fish catching skills.

Check your line, put a chub minnow on the hook, catch your shore lunch, and net that Trophy Walleye…and please excuse my grammar, spelling, and scatterbrained thoughts…I’m still on Canada time for at least another week. Besides the grand time being with family, here’s another graphic reason why I”m hesitant getting back in a routine stateside…


2 thoughts on “Return from a Paradise

  1. So wonderful you got away…already set some of your sunset pics as a screen saver on various computers. Glad you’re back…can’t wait for the fish tails!


  2. What a great trip. I’m the one in the hat. Will definitely go back someday. Great scenary, great fishing, and best of all no phones or e-mails for 5 days!. I will remember to let someone know we arrived safely next time.
    Tim did eventually catch a bigger fish than the one pictured. TR


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