A knock on the door, or one on the head

Guys, this is the kind of stuff where you either re-introduce yourself to all the single malts in the house, or you go to church.

If you recall, a couple weeks ago I did a quick post on Erma Bombeck. It was about how, after watching a PBS program of her life, it spoke in such a way as for me to better understand the attraction my mom had for the lady. So here I sit again tonight, moved to sniffles and teared eyes (damn you PBS) watching yet another favorite of mom’s, Chet Atkins, and coming to very similar conclusions with this man as I did with Erma.

Something is going on here gang and I’m not sure how to go about wrapping my arms around it. I could use some help, but if I’m drowning here, don’t be tossing me rocks….

The other night I watched Erma on a whim and got a better understanding for humorous twists on life; Tonight, on a hunch I would enjoy him, I tapped my foot to Chet only to get a better appreciation of handling the throws of life. And at first, seemingly well away from the first two things, I’ve found myself of late downloading music, mostly gospel and contemporary Christian, more than ever before, and giving serious thought to an invitation extended to join the church choir.

So folks, I’m beginning to put these “things” together with a few questions. First let me recap this all one more time, and explain some “things” for my own benefit if nothing else: Mom loved Erma (and I watched), Mom was at ease with Chet (and I sang, smiled, and cried), Mom was faithful through a life-long music ministry (and I’m iPoding “Hallelujah”,  “in the Garden” and “and He walks with me”), and finally Mom was a choir member (and I practice harmony alone during my daily commute to and from work). You see, Mom introduced me to music at an early age. I took a few years of piano at her urging in grade school, played trombone in junior high, and sang in the acapella and show choirs in high school. Laughter and music is in the May blood. Whether we can enjoy the laugh or perfect the singing is what seems to be the ongoing struggle with most of us in the clan.

Now it’s one thing to be 50+ and think you hear, know, and have a bearing on many things in life (some good, some bad…some real, some not-so-much). It’s another thing when one realizes that perhaps it is not a mental lapse in play here, but something of an intervention. I’m thinking someone has been knocking on this big old boy’s door and it is my noggin that’s doing the pounding. The odd, what-keeps-me-up-at-night thing is that I’ve previously posted about several of these “incidents” without regard to the head knocking (see “Thump” and “Really, it’s for the better“)….

Okay, let’s put the bizarre, weirdness, and the “Tim-must-be-smoking-cigarettes-with-no-writing-on-them” to the side for now. Here are a few favorites of the songs tonight performed by an all star cast, but recorded back in 1987. This is from “Chet Atkins, Certified Guitar Player” (check your local listing for a rebroadcast – it is worth the watch or record). Among the Everly Brothers, Mark Knopfler, Michael McDonald, and Willie Nelson were these performances that stood out for me:

Waylon Jennings – Rose in Paradise

Video: Rose in Paradise Lyrics: Rose in Paradise

Emmylou Harris – Precious Memories

Video: Precious Memories Lyrics: Precious Memories

At the risk of once again being overly sentimental in a post and losing some of you to “he’s getting too weird”, watching and listening to Chet tonight I quickly saw how Mom took comfort with this man’s music while she was ailing. His guitar soothes the soul and heart fills his gift to those that listen. This song did me in tonight – it tugs at my emotions and knocks me about enough to go “hmmm?” tonight. Enjoy this and appreciate its story:

Another Video (if the YouTube doesn’t work): I still can’t say good-bye

Lyrics: I still can’t say good-bye

Hey Mom, are you knocking at me?

2 thoughts on “A knock on the door, or one on the head

  1. Tim – What a beautiful and meaningful song. For you, there must be an ususal draw to this man’s voice and style – one that was passed from your mother to her son. Wow – how special is that. I can just imagine how proud Nina would be to have her baby singing in his church choir as she did for so many years. A very special bond, indeed. :o) Becky


  2. Playing catch up!! Awesome video. I have been listning to this man since I’ve been trying to play the guitar. Will never be able to do that!! But I do love the sound!!


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