I’ve made the web page conversion y’all. is now, but nothing has really changed.

Why did you do such a thing, you might ask? Beats me…maybe there is something more coming to this website in the near future…nawwww.

Why did you choose, you might ask? Ask FS first, then FD if he doesn’t answer. I bet they know.

Either web address will still get you here/there, so there’s no need to fret missing a single blog post of mine (yeah right, only in my dreams that I think this is silly obsession of mine is read by anyone on a consistent basis. The exception would be OFSIL Bec, OFNi Mikel, OFNi Emily, and Dad – OFGaP JaiJai used to frequent these pages but maybe not so much anymore…or is it she awaits my always-spot-on Saturday Football to start again). Thankfully, the Facebook push, from here to there, does get my annoying posts in front of a few more folks…now whether they read them over there is another thing.

Let’s see what happens – “wake up limey fish!”

One thought on “

  1. I’m awake, head limey fish! I’m a double-dippin’ limey fish cuz I catch “the news” on your facebook, as well. What is a limey fish anyway? :o) bec


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