2010 Big 8-2+4 Predictions

Since my manhood may have been in question for withholding my predictions (but surely not my football mind); since my game-by-game predictions of seasons past has become obvious they had more popularity than I thought; since I am the oft-disputed champ of football prognostications (I whup all comers), how does this grab everyone?

My 2010 Saturday Football predictions (and comments) for the Big 8-2+4:

Week 1 (I didn’t predict these games, although even a blind referee could have done it correction…except for maybe that KU game outcome)

  • KSU vs. UCLA (KSU)
  • Missouri at Illinois (MISSOURI)
  • Nebraska vs. Western Kentucky (NEBRASKA)
  • Iowa State at Northern Illinois (WIN)
  • KU vs. North Dakota State (NORTH DAKOTA STATE)
  • Colorado at Colorado State (COLORADO)
  • OU vs. Utah State (OU)
  • TAMU vs. Stephen F. Austin (TAMU)
  • Texas at Rice (TEXAS)
  • Texas Tech vs. SMU (TEXAS TECH)
  • Baylor vs. Sam Houston State (BAYLOR)
  • OK State vs. Washington State (OK STATE)

Week 2

  • KSU (WIN) vs. Missouri State
  • Missouri (WIN) vs. McNeese State
  • Nebraska (WIN) vs. Idaho
  • Iowa State at Iowa (WIN)
  • KU vs. Ga. Tech (WIN)
  • Colorado at Cal (WIN)
  • OU vs. Fla State (WIN)
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. La Tech
  • Texas (WIN) vs. Wyoming
  • Texas Tech (WIN) @ New Mexico
  • Baylor (WIN) vs. Buffalo
  • OK State (WIN) vs. Troy

Week 3

  • KSU (WIN) vs. Iowa State
  • Missouri (WIN) vs. San Diego State
  • Nebraska at Washington (WIN)
  • Iowa State at KSU (WIN)
  • KU at Southern Mississippi (WIN)
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. Hawaii
  • OU (WIN) vs. Air Force
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. Fla. International
  • Texas at Texas Tech (WIN)
  • Texas Tech (WIN) vs. Texas
  • Baylor @ TCU (WIN)
  • OK State (WIN) vs. Tulsa

Week 4

  • KSU (WIN) vs. UCF
  • Missouri (WIN) vs. Miami (OH)
  • Nebraska (WIN) vs. South Dakota State
  • Iowa State (WIN) vs. Northern Iowa
  • KU (WIN) vs. New Mexico State
  • Colorado has a BYE
  • OU at Cincinnati (WIN)
  • TAMU has a BYE
  • Texas (WIN) vs. UCLA
  • Texas Tech has a BYE
  • Baylor at Rice (WIN)
  • OK State has a BYE

Week 5

  • KSU has a BYE
  • Missouri has a BYE
  • Nebraska has a BYE
  • Iowa State (WIN) vs. Texas Tech
  • KU at Baylor (WIN)
  • Colorado vs. Georgia (WIN)
  • OU vs. Texas (WIN)
  • TAMU at OK State (WIN)
  • Texas (WIN) vs. OU
  • Texas Tech at Iowa State (WIN)
  • Baylor (WIN) vs. KU
  • OK State (WIN) vs. TAMU

Week 6

  • KSU (WIN) vs. Nebraska
  • Missouri (WIN) vs. Colorado
  • Nebraska at KSU (WIN)
  • Iowa State vs. Utah (WIN)
  • KU has a BYE
  • Colorado at Missouri (WIN)
  • OU has a BYE
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. Arkansas
  • Texas has a BYE
  • Texas Tech (WIN) vs. Baylor
  • Baylor at Texas Tech (WIN)
  • OK State (WIN) at La.Lafayette

Week 7

  • KSU at KU (WIN)
  • Missouri at TAMU (WIN)
  • Nebraska (WIN) vs. Texas
  • Iowa State at OU (WIN)
  • KU (WIN) vs. KSU
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. Baylor
  • OU (WIN) vs. Iowa State
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. Missouri
  • Texas at Nebraka (WIN)
  • Texas Tech vs. OK State (WIN)
  • Baylor at Colorado (WIN)
  • OK State (WIN) at Texas Tech

Week 8

  • KSU (WIN) at Baylor
  • Missouri vs. OU (WIN)
  • Nebraska (WIN) at OK State
  • Iowa State at Texas (WIN)
  • KU vs. TAMU (WIN)
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. Texas Tech
  • OU (WIN) at Missouri
  • TAMU (WIN) at KU
  • Texas (WIN) vs. Iowa State
  • Texas Tech at Colorado (WIN)
  • Baylor vs. KSU (WIN)
  • OK State vs. Nebraska (WIN)

Week 9

  • KSU vs. OK State (WIN)
  • Missouri at Nebraska (WIN)
  • Nebraska (WIN) vs. Missouri
  • Iowa State vs. KU (WIN)
  • KU (WIN) at Iowa State
  • Colorado at OU (WIN)
  • OU (WIN) vs. Colorado
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. Texas Tech
  • Texas (WIN) vs. Baylor
  • Texas Tech at TAMU (WIN)
  • Baylor at Texas (WIN)
  • OK State (WIN) at KSU

Week 10

  • KSU (WIN) vs. Texas
  • Missouri at Texas Tech (WIN)
  • Nebraska (WIN) at Iowa State
  • Iowa State vs. Nebraska (WIN)
  • KU (WIN) vs. Colorado
  • Colorado at KU (WIN)
  • OU at TAMU (WIN)
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. OU
  • Texas at KSU (WIN)
  • Texas Tech (WIN) vs Missouri
  • Baylor (WIN) at OK State
  • OK State vs. Baylor (WIN)

Week 11

  • KSU at Missouri (WIN)
  • Missouri (WIN) vs. KSU
  • Nebraska (WIN) vs. KU
  • Iowa State at Colorado (WIN)
  • KU at Nebraska (WIN)
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. Iowa State
  • OU (WIN) vs. Texas Tech
  • TAMU (WIN) at Baylor
  • Texas (WIN) vs. OK State
  • Texas Tech at OU (WIN)
  • Baylor vs. TAMU (WIN)
  • OK State at Texas (WIN)

Week 12

  • KSU at Colorado (WIN)
  • Missouri at Iowa State (WIN)
  • Nebraska at TAMU (WIN)
  • Iowa State (WIN) vs. Missouri
  • KU (WIN) vs. OK State
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. KSU
  • OU (WIN) at Baylor
  • TAMU (WIN) vs. Nebraska
  • Texas (WIN) vs. Fla Atlantic
  • Texas Tech (WIN) vs. Weber State
  • Baylor vs. OU (WIN)
  • OK State at KU (WIN)

Week 13

  • KSU (WIN) at North Texas
  • Missouri (WIN) at KU
  • Nebraska at Colorado (WIN)
  • Iowa State has a BYE
  • KU vs. Missouri (WIN)
  • Colorado (WIN) vs. Nebraska
  • OU at OK State (WIN)
  • TAMU at Texas (WIN)
  • Texas (WIN) vs. TAMU
  • Texas Tech vs. Houston (WIN)
  • Baylor has a BYE
  • OK State (WIN) vs. OU

Regular Season Standings

North Division

1.  KSU 8-4
2.  Nebraska 8-4
3.  Missouri 7-5
4.  Colorado 7-5
5.  KU 5-7
6.  Iowa St 4-8

South Division

1.  TAMU 10-2
2.  Texas 9-3
3.  OK State 8-4
4.  OU 7-5
5.  Texas Tech 6-6
6.  Baylor 4-8

1998 Repeat of the Big 12 Championship pits Kansas State against Texas A&M…Snyder never quite got over that shocking loss and this time beats A&M by 1 in quintuple overtime.

The BCS is beside themselves – declares Texas the Big 12 Champ anyway and gives Mac another shot at the national title..but then Gilbert really dislocates his shoulder in pre-game and heroically plays one handed (armed) until the last series when out of no where comes Bolt McCoy to cold-cock him in the helmet ear hole to knock him out of the game. Texas loses on a last second hail mary and Mac protests the game claiming it was broadcasted only on national networks and the Longhorn Network loses a huge windfall of revenue. The other 9 teams (Nebraska and Colorado get stuck with the check at the end of the season) laugh out loud because they weren’t going to see that money anyway. Mac really gets angry and drafts the 3 best players from each team left in the league just because he can (Beebe is looking the other way now) and he wants to show them “bastards”, again, who’s boss. Oh yeah, Big 12 champ K-State instead goes to an early December bowl at KSU alum DeLosser Dodds’ choosing. He publicly ridicules the Wildcat football program as sandlot, and gladly volunteers his diploma to K-State in exchange for an honorary one from UT.

Damn those Texas Longhorns.

Teams Bowling in 2010

  • KSU
  • Mizzou
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado (Hawkins final farewell)
  • TAMU
  • Texas
  • OU (barely)
  • OK State
  • Texas Tech’s bowl bubble status gets Leached and they stay home

The League in 2011

  • Texas (because they say so)
  • Oklahoma (yeah! what Texas said!)
  • LSU (Dodds trades TAMU for the Tigers)
  • Tennessee (the SEC gives them to the Big 12)
  • TCU (they out-pray Baylor for a place in the league)
  • Texas Tech (they don’t know where else to go)
  • Rice (Texas needs a conference patsy to bolster his wins each year)
  • Houston (only because Mac has big bucks boosters down there)
  • Michigan (Rodriquez thinks he can beat a few teams and OU is the only team that will play Ohio State during the regular season, and that’s only every now and then)
  • USC (moves them closer to the SEC – Kiffin never really wanted to leave that league anyway)
  • Miami (Texas schools need an in to Florida high school recruits and vice versa…and neither Florida nor Florida State wanted anything to do with this league)
  • Euless Trinity High School (because they’re good and could probably compete with everyone else)

Where they go for 2011:

  • KU joins the Mid-Atlantic Conference because their new football coach can win there
  • K-State dies their turf purple and joins the WAC to go head-to-head with Boise State’s blue turf. Only rug burns result.
  • Baylor becomes an independent and moves its campus to “North” Bend Indiana thinking church school football programs are more welcome up that way
  • Missouri is unable to schedule any D-1 teams to play next year and decides the Missouri Valley isn’t so bad after all.
  • OK State is put on ebay by T-bone Pickens. The reserve is not met.
  • Poor Iowa State…another coach leaves and student trainers have to take over. They join the Intramural League.
  • Did somebody say “Nebraska”? “Colorado”?

One thought on “2010 Big 8-2+4 Predictions

  1. 1998 rematch? Sounds good to me! Maybe we could bring back R.C. Slocum as honorary coach for a game. Your rant on “t.u.” at the end made me laugh. Unfortunately there’s probably some truth in there somewhere…

    Nice pick of Southern Miss over KU

    I think you’re underestimating OU. They’re the best team in the Big 12 this year IMO.



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