POW 10-27-2010

8/18/2010: downtown business parking in Lake Dallas Texas

Have you ever wanted to do customer service like this before?

9/15/2010: Highland Shores HOA sand volleyball court, Highland Village, Texas

Don’t ask what the black is between the player’s toes…just keep playing.

9/22/2010: Austin Texas

I would think so….

9/18/2010: Plano Balloon Festival, Plano Texas

And I thought eating McDonalds French Fries gave me indigestion, when all this time it was really the well-dressed (notice the bow tie) but evil Spudzilla having no arms but yet chasing after me!

9/3/2010: IH35E in Corinth Texas

So it was Stevens Van Lines that obviously owned the “big vehicle” before these “2 Fellas”…wonder if they’re still part-owners since half their sign is still on the “big vehicle”?

Invent a past for the present.  ~Daniel Stern
(He had to be referring to all those TV, radio, answering machine political ads of late..just had to)



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