POW 11-9-2010

9/26/2010: Edgewood, Texas

OK, the point is we always need to thank our “Veterans”, and take every opportunity to do so. But know this pet shop’s intentions were in the right place thanking our “Vet-rans” (oh the irony of it all), and also for selling kitties cheap (and ya gotta love the home town creativity of having a Science Diet cat food bag promote the sale)

9/26/2010: Longview, Texas

Reservations have not been required since the creek risin’

(what’s with the arrows? Is that the directions to “run” to or from the Park?)

9/26/2010: Longview Texas

If you call this number, they will probably tell you to just go on a diet….

9/26/2010: the central business district in Grand Saline Texas

I can only hope this is a clothing brand name and has no “bearing” on the spelling talents of the local school district graduates….

9/26/2010: some I’ve-forgotten-which town on Hwy 80 – east Texas

So the beer store sign is unique in its own right (and the reason I stopped to take the picture). But sometimes “gifts-in-pictures” become known only after you’ve downloaded the photo from your camera. So…notice the yellowy “drive inn” sign in the lower right hand corner? Oh my! This was a coincidental picture; I was definitely in a place where banjos were heard playing in the not-too-far distance; business’ clientele were in the shadiness of the…area.

10/2/2010 Loop 288 & Brinker – Denton Texas

Yes…Roomstore was having a red snowflake Saturday mattress sale and apparently needed to get the advertisement out on the street…fire ants and chiggers were at no extra charge.


Veterans Day is Thursday. Let it be a day of celebration by thanking and praying for those Armed Forces men and women that have given their service in defense of the U.S.A. – let each day be such. Thank you Veterans!

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