POW 11-18-2010

10/10/2010: University Drive (U.S. Hwy 380) at the Grandy’s in Denton, Texas

You’re lawfully stopped at the red light in the only lane that somehow warrants two traffic lights and apparently you need to be told your directional driving options are unrestricted…so why not put up a sign that essentially says “do whatever you want”?

10/6/2010: southbound S.H. 121 Haltom City, Texas

Bummer…having to transport “Transportation Services”

9/28/2010: southbound S.H. 121 Grapevine, Texas

Kind of gives new purpose (urgency perhaps) in wanting to “#@$% or get off the pot”…. (hey gang, I will admit taking this photo was a bit nerve-racking even for me…in more ways than one!)


9/22/2010: Airport Blvd. Austin Texas

This has to be the smallest church I have ever seen. “Pepsis for the Parishioners”…bring your own umbrella just in case.

9/10/2010: Golden Coral parking lot Lewisville, Texas

In the game of golf, this commonly denotes “ground under repair”…I guess this could be kind of the same idea. But still, you hire a guy to paint your lines and he ends up circling your flaws – what ya gonna do?


It is the little things in life we should be appreciating. They are much more fun and less stressful than getting worked up about the everyday tribulations of life.

Think about the happiness-rush that this feel-good moment offers up (we’ve all been there/done that at least once); this is an excerpt taken from Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome: http://1000awesomethings.com/ and/or  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtvghLgJP94

The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter…I can leave a big, gaping hole right in the middle of the jar, I can do it up fancy and twirl and swirl the PBG around a little, or I can painstakingly carve a moat around the outside, leaving a perfect, flat island in the center…AWESOME!

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