POW 12-7-2010

11/25/2010: Hays, Kansas

With this sponsor and promotion, it kind of makes you want to stay home on opening day, huh?

 11/25/2010: Hays, Kansas

A great, popular breakfast stop in my hometown…I’m glad the “inside” is “now open”; and you can eat a pancake while your favorite photo gets framed too!

12/7/2010: Pipeline Road, Hurst Texas

With the gift of a (blue) diamond, I kind of thought this was a risk that went without saying

12/7/2010: Pipeline Road, Hurst Texas

I’m thinking I don’t even want to know these prayers 

12/7/2010: Pipeline Road, Hurst Texas

Not exactly your typical “do it yourself” business, is it?

12/7/2010: Bellevue Baptist Church on Pipeline Road, Hurst Texas

I smiled with the message this camera angle might give…

Hey y’all,

Next week is Photo Folks POW. I’ve received several from you guys over the past weeks and I will be sharing those with the group. If you have a picture or two worthy (and that’s not saying mine are always that), email those to me sometime this week. It can be a favorite family photo, reunion, holidays, scenery, silliness, work-related, inspirational, or whatever. If I get a bunch, I will send out more than one…

Not to worry any…as always, the photographer/contributor will be given all the credit and acknowledgement. It ought to be fun!

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