POW 1/4/2011

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays with family and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/17/2010: Tim’s backyardMeet Madam Santa Mackie, the Queen of Scots – she’s really exercising a great deal of patience and tolerance of my “you’re so clever” photography right now

12/17/2010: Tim’s backyardMeet Ms. Santa Zoey, the Princess of Scots – she’s thinking a bit of snow would top this whole photo shoot off.

6/15/2010: Mansfield TexasOK, so you figure this guy might be an unemployed chemist…or is he perhaps making a commentary about kids with bladder control problems?

9/8/2010: Hwy 80 in east Texas (I didn’t want to stay too long around these parts)Kind of serves as a deterent to evil doers of liquor stores, don’t you think?

12/2/2010: Flower Mound Texas – Morriss/Gerault roadway project job siteWe’ll ask plants to grow anywhere…and expect them to do just that.

12/3/2010: Lewisville Texas

Any ideas on what exactly is a “H Donut”? Whatever it is, you better get there early. Apparently, from the singularity of the sign, they only make one.



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