Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

It seems like every day of the week I get another of my way-too-many e-newsletters related to my profession, sometimes only ever so remotely related to the things I do (or better said: “want to”…maybe “should do”). So many I get that sometimes a quick click of the “X” in the toolbar without even a quick look-see is done just to keep the ol’ inbox manageable in size.  And here’s the bad thing…unless I skim through them for any thing of interest, I usually feel bad deleting them unread as if some person had really taken the time to compose, then send the email to me personally.

One of the e-newsletters that I favor is from Athletic Business. I subscribed to this daily update mainly because my company does a number to athletic facilities and many of our clients are Parks and Rec type folks. It’s called trying to stay up with, or maybe even one step ahead of my clients (and competition).

Now going down another avenue of thought…many of you know of my photography hobby (obsession). Of all the pictures I take, I’ve started several “collections” and seem hell-bent on keeping those odd ones updated. One of the “collections” in my library is that of funny, unusal, corny, unique, and what I fondly call my “no s _ _ t” signs. I have shared and probably bored many of those sign photos with many of you.

So where am I going with this?

In reading today’s Athletic Business blog posting, a smile came over me and a nod of my head acknowledged an article worthy of my whole and undivided photography attention…in order to understand my post and the pictures that follow, you’ve got to take another minute to read this link: Serving Notice to Your Clueless Customers…I’m sure you will agree with me then.

Of that photo collection I mentioned, these pictures certainly come to mind…and some of which may have already been shared:

Men's locker room for Men & Boys only, check. Young ladies to the Family Room - not sure why but, check. Hmmm, where are the "old ladies" suppose to go?
Growing up in Kansas, my Dad put it much more simply..."Timbo, shape up or ship out!"
Sorry Valued Customer, we don't have no stinkin' sale going on here...we thought you needed a sign to tell you that everything is regular price
Hey! Is there a woman in here?
the level of intelligence around here can be really sad sometimes
it's a whole lot cheaper to just turn out the lights
was this one of those kindergarten rules I always had trouble with?
can you put that another way?
"brush your teeth"
Do you also have that little red laser light working?
Oh geez...that's no fun
metal door...concrete floor
might that be "the dark side" then?
The "ladies" are really suppose to go here....
and it is strongly (repeatedly) encouraged the men go here
what kind of rule is that?
this is just good, sound advice for any and all NYC subway commuters


Now wait a minute...what?
Yeah, but it might give you Carpel Tunnel....
Tell me that eating at your restaurant doesn't make you immediately use the restroom

One thought on “Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  1. Having enjoyed your sign photography for some time now, I’ve come to this conclusion! Reading signs kinda makes a person “wanna do” whatever it is they say ya “ought not be doin”. Must be that I love a challenge! A fun date = Tim and Deb, camera set on 15-second timer, picture snaps capturing the sign and two of you doin’ what the sign warned you against! Just a thought ……… :o)


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