POW 1-27-2011

1/4/2011 Lake Dallas Texas

Ya think he’s had his mailbox run over or baseball-batted a time or two?

1/2/2011 Flower Mound Texas

Because I had my camera, just call me a “photoperson”(but I need no signage for that)

1/4/2011 Lake Dallas Texas

Things aren’t looking too Sunny for Sunny’s Convenience Store…No beer, no wine, no lotto…he’s now only selling phone cards (and maybe unused rolls of duct tape).

1/4/2011 Flower Mound Texas

Far be it from me to judge a business service need, but the 817 area code is about 300 miles from any sea….

1/21/2011 River Oaks Texas

Tell me, is it not appropriate to park such a vehicle in front of this particular sign?

1/25/2011 Haltom City Texas

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking a tech needs to be on staff before I take my car in for their help with a check engine light (maybe we ought to check the engine light of the guy in charge of this sign)

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