Enthusiasm counts for something

On the UNT campus and directly across from the new football stadium under construction, I attended a Denton Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon today.  The featured speaker was Dan McCarney, the latest meanest greenest head coach for the University of North Texas. I wanted to speak with him afterwards, knowing most UNT football coaches in the past were always looking for someone to talk to after such an event, but the crowd surrounded the coach following the luncheon, apparently all wanting to literally rub elbows and become infected with his energy. So I went back to work on a beautiful, sunny, 79° Friday afternoon.

McCarney was entertaining. His attitude was contagious, Boundless enthusiasm spewed from the man. If that is indication of the future of UNT football, look out. Even though he repeated himself a few times, no one really cared as his point was made and then he simply emphasized like he’s used to doing for football players. He told a couple old jokes…no one cared that they had heard them before. He promised loyalty, commitment, football fun, and involvement in the community – indeed the Chamber crowd cared about that promise!

Way to go Dan. You almost made me want to buy season tickets…oh heck I might just do that anyway. The new stadium home opener is against Houston on 9/10/2011, and as Dan put it: they have a Heisman candidate QB that seems to have been there for 9 years. Indiana and the Big 10 come to town on 9/24/2011. If anyone wants to go with me to the game(s), tell me now!

Dan brings 20 bowl appearances to UNT and some personal baggage. He gets a second chance at head coaching…don’t mess it up Dan. The combined bowl experiences of the coaching staff is 80. Between all those guys, there are 5 championship rings being worn. I was impressed and skeptical. They are, after all, ranked #120 out of 120 D-1 schools. But then everyone loves an underdog, right?

Dan left us with a few closing rah-rah poster material comments…as any D-1 football coach does these days:

  1. You can do 3 things with time. Waste it…Spend it…or Invest it. UNT football is investing the TIME it takes to bring fall football fun back to campus.
  2. Forget yourself for others so that others will not forget you.
  3. Take others to places they can’t take themselves.
  4. From his father: “Dan, you don’t have a very good helmet so you better dress nice.”

Can we start college football yet? Hold  onto your chin strap…Dan invited us all to 6:00 a.m. practices at UNT every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday beginning March 23rd. Ho Hum!

3 thoughts on “Enthusiasm counts for something

  1. Well, KSU was “#120 out of 120” before Savior Bill began is reign – maybe you’ll be able to enjoy the same success with this guy! Go for it – nothin’ better than sitting in the stands at a college football game. Go Big Green! (or whatever they say). :o)


  2. So glad you had the opportunity to hear him speak and I am extremely happy that the ho-hum attitude was generated by him to so many around him. We have all the faith that Coach DMac and the other coaches will take this team to heights it hasn’t seen since Hayden Fry. Don’t delay on getting those season tickets since this year promises to be an exciting one with the new stadium and new coaching staff. We have a ton to be proud of about UNT and it’s programs. Hopefully the days of referring to the school as a commuter school with no Alumni support will be over once strong advocates and representatives like DMac and Co. hit the streets and spread the word. Go Mean Green!


    1. Agreed! UNT’s promotion of not only a new football program (coach, facility, attitudes), but also as a resource of educational and cultural wealth is benefitting the community as a whole – and I “Mean” the whole community (DFW and reaches beyond). The city of Denton in particular has much to be proud of with UNT and its continued support of the university. Recent programs at the wonderful Performance Hall facility have been enjoyed by yours truly, and I look forward to equal enjoyment of Saturday Football in the new stadium. UNT is my adopted university and my bride’s alma mater. My support of the University continues. Those season tickets…my deposit will be forthcoming! That “ho-hum” comment of mine…no reflection on DMac and Co.’s energy and excitement – it’s his invitation to an early morning practice causing yawning, that is until you get there and enjoy a jolt of DMac caffine!


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