POW 2-25-2011

All is well – I did not run out of pictures…only time

1/14/2011: in Dallas, near Highland Park
There had to be an ordinance that said “all water meters to be installed in grassed areas”, otherwise why bother?

1/5/2011: Flower Mound Texas
I kind of like Rick’s attitude….

1/27/2011: Southbound SH121 in Haltom City

And do the business marketing geniuses here really expect a lot of calls…to whom? I don’t think he’s related to Rick (see the prior picture)

1/14/2011: believe it not, in an industrial area of Dallas Texas where grass walking is rampant…
Nancy Reagan would be so proud to know her lasting message is still advertised today (and what’s up with the bold “O” and ¾ bold “G”?)

1/14/2011: Dallas Texas (near Regal Row and IH35E)
Budget update: local and federal dollars are proudly being saved as displayed when a City of Dallas required construction sign for a U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security project is posted using a thrifty, hand-lettered, painted-over, recycled sign done by the construction company’s 7 year old son (from the way it looks).

1/24/2011: Southbound SH121 near downtown Fort Worth
At the risk of being further scolded, I was afraid to pass or tailgate this guy (thank heavens for a zoom lens)

8/17/2010: Lake Dallas Texas

Nothing like a horse with an attitude giving a chew on the barn window

And then being caught in the act; giving me just about the best guilty (or goober) look a horse can give….

One thought on “POW 2-25-2011

  1. You take the best pictures and add the bestest captions! Syndicate, Tim. Big bucks! :o) (I am still laughing at Rick and that horse!)


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