Wetlands wanted, apply within

Got to tromps around in the mud this morning. Our UNT stadium pond project got its first glimpse at wetland restoration.

If anyone cares to know more about the project, know my top 5 things about wetlands:

  1. it takes for-e-ver to get a 404 permit sometimes
  2. contractors are a nervous bunch when they’ve never before done this type of work
  3. one should know the visual difference between horsetail reed and spike rush…and know their preferred water depths in which they grow (especially when the pond level is unnecessarily low in order to plant the plants
  4. mud boots a great; no snakes in the pond (yet) is even greater
  5. cattails are bad in all cases…damn those things

I won’t bore you guys to the point of defoliation with the technical stuff…the pictures say it all for today.

Wetland plantings are fun, well maybe not so much for the men doing the planting in mud.

We did good for the environment today. It was good for the soul. So it was also therapeutically good for the skin even though the mud stays caked under fingernails for a couple days despite your best removal efforts with a pocketknike, nail clipper, or vigorous shampooing with the fingertips (not that I know that for a fact, nor am I really concerned a whole lot with such an eeky thing).

2 thoughts on “Wetlands wanted, apply within

  1. I’m so glad you put these up here. The pic on the phone was darker and I couldn’t tell much detail. It’s looking so good!!!


  2. Hey Rachelle! Glad to hear from you lady! It is looking good out there. Y’all, Rachelle researched plants, worked directly with the subconsultant, designed the wetland beds, and drafted the construction documents – give that girl a hand! We modified the planting plan a few months ago only because the normal pool elevation was lower than we were told (or did we assume that?) We had wetland plants on dry land…kind of figured that would not be good in so many ways :) I will send photos this summer as everything starts to grow in.


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