Cover to cover

storm clouds were beginning to build on the horizon at sunset tonight - figured we were in for some weather

Egads y’all. The hail and thunderstorms passing through town knocked out my internet this evening…I was thinking my posting run was about to stop. Nawwww, I always have the iPhone (more reliable than my home internet most of the time). You guys at least get the abridged version of a post today.

With this “postaday2011” thing going on, sends 1, sometimes 2 emails each day with topic ideas. I usually read them, scoff, then trash the email. Today’s was interesting though and it has had me thinking about it all day. Here is the question: 

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, what kind?

I’ve actually considered writing a book several times, on different topics and for different audience interest and ages.

Haven’t done it…haven’t even started it. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t…

My immediate family – since the early 80’s – always thought children’s stories would be my best subject. Other topics considered have been family fun short stories, professional experience (a reference type book), business strategies, self-help attitude books (the rah-rah type…probably wouldn’t sell because of a lack of genuine expertise – who am I kidding?). Heck, I’ve even have a couple Star Trek episode ideas bouncing around on that transporter pad on my shoulders.

What would be the first one out? Hmmmm. I know it’s a tough world out there. Somebody is always wanting to gobble you up for trying. That brings me to my “pictureaday2011” that caught Joe-from-work being attacked outside the Omni Theatre and Museum of Natural Science and History in Fort Worth this evening. I told him I would post the picture tonight on my blog, then send it to him to show his 2 button-cute daughters….

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