In conference

The past three days were spent on the Gulf Coast (Galveston). A wonderful time despite the island losing power several times throughout the day on Wednesday, the wind blowing like nobody’s business, the hotel’s satellite TV was scrambled on occasion, and a 42″ waterline in need of repair kept water restrictions in force until today. We were told the electricity and TV were intermittent because of the sea salt buildup on lines and electronics (normally, rainfall would wash the salt off but the island was in a 4-month drought).  Don’t take it wrong, a grand time was had in the 50°-60° -70° weather with a cool ocean breeze! Oooooo, ahhhhhh. 

The last two days were spent learning, being ed-u-ma-cated, and and taking ±700 pictures (the first day was to fulfill necessary responsibilities with fellow state officers of our professional organization). Other than that, time was had with colleagues and competitors…with good friends old and new.

I was appointed the unofficial official conference photographer, and of course I managed to sneak away and squeeze in a photo walk or two (keep a lookout for Flickr uploads soon):

These guys were always hanging around
The beach education sessions were poorly attended this year

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