POW: 6-3-2011

Pictures for the Week

4/9/2011: at a stop light somewhere (maybe it was Grapevine)

I must admit it does bother me some that a preachy window sticker like this one is prominently displayed in the back window of this guy’s car. Maybe it was a disgruntled mood moment for me: we were both at a standstill in our cars during rush hour traffic that was going nowhere when I saw this….

4/11/2011: at a stop light somewhere

Egads! Car thieves be forewarned: occupants are ‘Locked and Loaded’ (and we’re not just talking about a diaper change going on in this car)!

4/20/2011: east bound SH114 in H-E-B Texas

It’s not often that I see a truck load of pine timber rolling through the urban areas of Dallas-Fort Worth. My guess is he’s either lost or just ‘logging’ some extra miles….

4/24/2011: Denton Bible Church parking lot

Saw this “opinion” in the church parking lot the other day. Now if by chance this was my vehicle, what I drive to work and then to church on Sunday might be two different vehicles. Something about the hypocrisy of it all. “Laaaaaaaaa-dies and Gennnn-tle-men. In this pew, in the white trunks pulled up to his armpits, weighing in at church we have the compassionate, tolerant, understanding, love towards your meek champion: fellow man. And in the other pew, also wearing white trunks with them down around his ankles and his cheeky-monkeys facing the center pulpit, the crusading challenger weighs in with ridicule, judgment, intolerance, hate, and angry disagreement for the same fellow man.” Just saying…(and thus ends my sermon for today).

4/25/2011: Mingo Street, Denton, Texas

This has been recently added to my collection of “Signs That Make You Go ‘Huh?’”.

4/14/2011: SH121@Beach, Fort Worth Texas

If I only knew at a younger age, “romance” came from a store….(I’d be even less romantic than I am now <is that even possible?>, and probably not much more than simply a total mess of a human being)…oh but wait, speaking of messes…

5/20/2011: SH121@IH35W, Fort Worth Texas

It’s not all about retail romance, is it? (is there not some sarcasm in that advertisement somewhere?).

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