All I Can See

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This guy I like…this Brendan James. Not sure he’s got danceable music, but I could listen to him for a long, long time in a smokey bar somewhere.

Now understand I’m a huge Billy Joel fan. In fact I know most of his song lyrics by heart and can belt them out for you anytime, and almost in tune (let my people know when you want the private concert to hear my non-talent if interested). Brendan James reminds me of a young Billy Joel (probably the singing-piano playing bit). Most music tunies might argue his James Taylor influences are much more apparent….hmmm. Don’t you just love comparisons?

Here is “All I Can Say(See)” about Brendan James: I have more of his songs checkmarked on my iPod than I do Billy Joel’s. Wow! Seriously?

So that’s it. Brendan’s voice, style, and talent speak for themselves – no jacket required to listen to him…no other artist comparisons are needed as well. Hope you enjoy him.


Take a listen to interview excerpts too: Uncensored Interviews – it will make you smile at him

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