We’ll have none of that from here on out…

from http://www.orwicksioux.com/id30.html

The Fighting Sioux of the University of North Dakota!



There, I said it…three times.

I’ve also posted their logo. Oh Nooo!

The NCAA and Big Sky Conference will probably threaten to sanction me now. Ahhh, probably not…I said it before the August 15th imposed mascot-change deadline so I should be OK.

from http://www.orwicksioux.com/id30.html

Here is what’s happening:

The NCAA has decided that after 80 years of using “Sioux” and/or “Fighting Sioux”, they are offended with the nickname (and logo). UND is also trying to get into the Big Sky Conference next year…and that conference is threatening the invitation if the Native American name is used. The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education wants the nickname retired right now. The University President and the Senate Executive Committee is saying they need a new nickname and logo as well.

Then there is the North Dakota Legislature that says, “hold on here just a minute…we’re keeping the nickname and logo” by passing a bill that says so. Outspoken and generous alumni have donated money to the University with caveats to keep the nickname and logo – they are asking: “you guys still want our money?”.

You’d think the NCAA would chip in and help the University with the cost to retire the “Fighting Sioux”? It was their idea to start with. Yeah right…they can’t even seem to run a football BCS system (or BS system, as I like to call it) without showing their incompetence at all levels.

I’ve got the gut feeling this bullying by the NCAA ranks right up there with the U.S. Congress wasting their time and our taxpayer money on having congressional hearing on the BS system for college football…and also the Arizona state legislature investigations on the mismanagement of the Fiesta Bowl.

And then there’s the “what abouts”.

  • Florida State Seminoles
  • Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Washington Redskins
  • Cleveland Indians (and it’s minor league teams)
  • Atlanta Braves (and it’s minor league teams)
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Golden State Warriors
  • A bunch of Lacrosse teams….
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders (even though their mascot is a masked white guy)
  • and oh my good-golly-gosh, how many “Indians” and “Chiefs” and “Warriors” nicknames are there at the prep level, including my very own alma mater? Yes Mr. NCAA, I was an “Indian” and proud of it even though my heritage is partially Irish.

Speaking of Irish, will the Irish-Americans and Irish-Irish now be up in arms since Notre Dame is, after all, the “Fighting Irish”? Oh great football gods have mercy on us if them Irish folk get “fighting” mad….

and that would be me sporting my new Fighting Sioux collector's t-shirt

By no means do have ill will towards our Native Americans. I don’t see the offense. Am I being blind to this issue?

We have folks upset because of the words “Fighting” and “Sioux” being used in an academic and athletic setting. Oh yeah, folks are also annoyed about the university’s logo…that was originally designed by a native American to start with. Really?

But what I’m really nervous about is the UND T-Shirt that has both the “Fighting Sioux” and the Native American logo arrived at my house last week . Can I wear it after August 15th? Will the NCAA bouncers come rip the shirt off my back or bench me on the sidelines?

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Sadly, all those associated with the University of North Dakota will lose this “fight”. Let’s just hope the NCAA and PC’ers out there decide not to dictate the University to revert back to their pre-1930’s “Flickertails” nickname and logo for crying out loud. We might have The Prevention of Hurt Feelings of Ground Squirrels Society offended….

Oh yeah, who’s with me on petitioning the NCAA to disallow all sport team nicknames, mascots, and logos that have anything to do with “Cowboys”. Perhaps the “Indians” might not want to play with them anymore.

2 thoughts on “We’ll have none of that from here on out…

  1. As 1/4 blooded Cherokee Indian…I think this is rediculous!!! Who taught gorilla warfare better than the Indians? They were true warriors and here before we were. Are we going to wipe out all history and symbols? I guess the Sooners will be next. Maybe you have a point with the Red Raiders and Cowboys. I guess we can start calling teams Congressmen and Senators! Can we concentrate on other more pressing matters?


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