Berl & Company

One benefit of my employment is a perk that affords spirtual counseling if and whenever the need might arise. A couple pastors come to our office a few times per month and check in on each employee. Obviously, friendships, fellowships, and trust develop between all of us. Berl is one of the pastors that stops by each week. His visits are welcomed in our Fort Worth office.

Thursday, Berl and his lovely wife Verna had a few of us over for lunch and to seek free advice on his emaculate back yard landscape. “We”, being the landscape architects and horticulture fanantics amongst the ranks, accepted his invitiation. Such advice was given (not much – he could probably tell us a thing or two if the truth were to be known); a delightful lunch was served…so much for my tonnage-loss program today.

Here are a few captured captures (pictures) from the 90 minutes of mid-day relaxation with many good friends:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh yeah…the day started out like this:

After all that, I just let the evening slip right on by

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