Hard boiled and hatched

Yesterday two things happened of any consequence. One was the last day of tax-free, back-to-school weekend bargains and the other was Hatch Chile – only the best chile out there – shopping day. But the chiles were NOT tax-free…a few were taxing on the taste buds however. Central Market was checked and OMG they had Hatch coming out there ears….

All the food photographed found its way into the shopping cart. Did I mention I love Hatch Chiles? I went crazy stupid on the photos, none of which I know will win an entry into Food magazine next month. But is it not interesting what all type of food can be prepared with the oh-so-versatile Hatch Chile?


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The last two mornings I’ve minced Hatch chile into my eggs, topped of course with a dollop of Hatch Salsa. Life is good when things Hatch.

BTW, next year (always over Labor Day weekend) I’m off to the Hatch Chile Festival in Hatch, New Mexico. Let me know now if you want to join me in eating so much Hatch we ooze spice and sweat hot or mild favors.

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