A weekend full of it

Oh my…where should I start?
Hey ’bout right here with this: The moon tonight is half full and up early.

Then, Saturday morning started with another tonnage-lost milestone achieved. Somewhere I’ve lost 75 pounds in the past 5 months. Has anyone seen my chubs laying around anywhere?

Saturday I hosted the executive committee officer transistion meeting for the state professional society I have served as treasurer for the past three years…at least my volunteerism has come to an end…for the time being.

OFSIL Paula and OFNi Whitney slept at our house…I think. I didn’t get to see the Whitters at all; I saw Pee only ’cause I picked her up at the airport Thursday evening.

My beloved (KSU) Cat’s knocked off the #15 Baylor Bears in a game that made true fans of college football very excited to have watched. My dear friend JaiJai (Queenie) and Baylor alum was very gracious with her team coming up short on the scoreboard. I suggest the game film be sent to ADs and university presidents around the country (and the Longhorn League will get theirs overnighted) – if all games were competitive and exciting like that, who needs a damn superconference (except for maybe DeLoser Dodds and his TV face). Oh yeah, Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M lost…HA!

Dillards had an incredible one-day sale on Saturday. I spent a bunch of my paycheck (before I got it) getting clearance-priced clothes that actually fit this new sized me. And so it is…I don’t remember the last time I got into 38 waist pants and with a select few shirts I was able to get a “L” on this less-rotundness body of mine. Seven new shirts and 12 pants, and I paid about 20% of retail price….

I wore a new 38 waist pant and a new shirt to church this morning. Is it me or did it seem I was singing more in tune today because of it….

The new clothes were laundered and ironed (by yours truly – now that’s just stupid excitement, huh). Wearing nice fitting clothes next week should prove to be fun!

The 16th Annual Lebanese Food Festival happened in Lewisville this weekend.

The spouse and I actually split a meal this afternoon at the festival, and got filled up (I don’t think that has ever happened with us before).

Good time, good food, a lot of Lebanese spoken all around us.

I like Ms. Linda and Ms. Rita’s horses. We talked today….

We stopped at a referral for-sale house today and did a walk-thru. It is a nice ranch style house with an acre or so of land. Too bad I can’t even afford the down payment on the thing. BTW, I already have the back yard designed in my head (and it will cost more than that down payment….).

Went through my closet today for Good Will. They will be getting 44 shirts, 28 pants/jeans, 3 jackets. 5 shorts, and 1 really long belt. Those big-guy clothes can now go to a needy big guy somewhere besides this address (they are already packaged up and in my truck).

And finally, I pumped up 2 really flat bicycle tires this evening for a 4.55 mile round (and around) trip ride to the lake. Since I am a fair weather bicyclist (and I don’t ride in 107° Texas summers by any means), it has been since spring when I last rode…and it was then a whole lot more tonnage was peddled about. I can tell you this: my tushy biker pants fit better, my hands go in and out of my riding glove easier, I hurt less and breathe easier, and I can go a whole lot faster and farther with a notably less effort when an additonal 75 pounds is not being toted!!!

Finally, I’ve been priming the Royal Scotties all weekend. They get bathed and groomed tomorrow!

The Royal Smell will go from bad to good then! It’s a good thing we didn’t bring home any garlic-laced Lebanese food for them to beg off our plates.

Thank heavens tomorrow is Monday!

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