Groomed and Relaxed Pups

It’s always a trying day when the Royals go to the groomer. As much as they like Suzanna the Groomer, they still tire by the end of the day. After all, the spa can be as exhausting as it is refreshing….

Mackie, Queen of Scots

Poor Mackie. The fatty growth on her left shoulder is getting harder to the touch but it hasn’t grown in size for several months. The test today showed it was a fatty deposit with blood…hmmmm. She turns 11 this month. Maybe I need to call the FIL on this one.

Princess Zoey

The Zoe-Bird is tuckered out as well, and really did not want her picture taken tonight!

But they both look and smell good, and have a definite renewed spring in their step…when they’re not sleeping.

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