2 thoughts on “Santa Monica Chili

  1. here you go Mr. Marcinko…I will expect to give this a taste test on your first try :)

    Executive Chef Keith Roberts, Renowned Seafood Master

    Over his 30-year career at some of L.A.’s most celebrated restaurants, Chef Keith Roberts has developed a real talent for creative cuisine and a reputation for crafting the best sushi in Los Angeles. A California native, Chef Roberts’ culinary discipline began with his first job, training under legendary French Chef Andre Moreau at the Rive Gauche in Palos Verdes, then one of only four L.A. restaurants to achieve a three-star rating. In his seven years there, he mastered true Escoffier-style cooking. Every fish was filleted to order, every steak was cut to order, and every sauce was made to order. He also perfected the craft of house made French pastries, now prominently featured throughout Breakfast at Loews, a fine Santa Monica dining experience.

    He went on to serve as Executive Chef of the Marriott Los Angeles Downtown, the Players Restaurant in Beverly Hills, La Beaujolais in Redondo Beach and The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. He owned his own award-winning restaurant in Orlando, Florida before joining Loews Santa Monica. Chef Keith is a member of the Le Toque Blanche Los Angeles and the Epicurean Club of Los Angeles.

    Signature Recipe by Chef Roberts – Santa Monica Seafood Chili
    2 oz Shrimp Rock
    3 oz (one each) Scallops – Day Boat
    1 oz Jumbo Lump Crab meat
    1/4 tsp Garlic Peeled, minced
    2 oz Chablis Cooking Wine
    1 oz Butter Unsalted
    5 each Fava Beans, peeled and blanched
    1/4 tsp Salt
    1/4 tsp Black Pepper, ground
    1 tsp Lemon juice
    Pinch Crushed chili flakes
    1/2 oz Olive oil

    Heat olive oil in medium fry pan and sear scallop until well browned on both sides, transfer to tray or pan and place in medium oven to complete cooking while stew is finished. In same fry pan saute rock shrimp and salt pepper and chili flakes over high heat for minute, add crab, fava beans and white wine and simmer for 1 minute then remove from the heat and stir in butter. Pour into soup bowl and top with the seared scallop now cut in half. Serve with toast point or crouton. Serves 1 portion.


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