The Happiest of Birthdays Daily Cap(s) (78)

This is my grandson. His name is Lincoln. Today is his birthday. He and his mom and dad are doing fine. This kiddo owned the day and the hearts of everyone.
From the in-law side of the family, this is Uncle David. As of today he is 79 years, 364 days older than Lincoln...we had a party for the both them. He will own the day tomorrow for sure.
Now this would be the four siblings: Uncle David, Aunt Shirley, OFFIL Paul, and Aunt Maureen. Good times (and I think they all stole a sip or two of the Chivas)
Now this, by golly, is a crew! OFFIL Paul's family attending his brother's birthday celebration. I think we ended up ordering more BBQ (we were missing one great granddaughter).

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