The Find Your Spot Daily Cap(s) (116)

These guys were adding a "spot" to the boat dock this a 20mph wind and choppy waters. It was quite an exercise, in more ways than one. Sure I holstered my camera and helped them. :)
I don't think there was one empty "spot" left along the shoreline this morning. I've got to think with so many poles in the water the fishing really isn't that good...but maybe it is just the right "spot" for a Wednesday morning social event.
The local ABC news helicopter found a "spot" to hover for 10 minutes...right over our office building this afternoon. (still don't know why...)

One thought on “The Find Your Spot Daily Cap(s) (116)

  1. I wondered what the heck they were doing! It was crazy loud in my office while they were hanging out. Perhaps they were just practicing hovering. Or gazing longingly at our fabulous office wishing they could work here instead of flying a helicopter all day long.


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