The OKC Daily Cap(s) (122)

Coming back from Oklahoma State University, I decided it was well past time I stop and visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial, a unique National Park that touches everyone that stops by...
The Park Rangers were aplenty and they interacted graciously with the visitors, rightfully so....
The longer you're there, the more you simply wonder "why"....
The chairs - both adult and child size - puts a lump in your throat....
A very respectful design, kept spotless (didn't even see a cigarette butt on the ground), maintenance is impeccable..and then there was the setting: appropriately so, numerous church steeples can be seen from all areas of the Park.
What the designers chose to leave behind gives a sense of the unimaginable violence on that April morning in 1995...
And folks that just sat, and made you too contemplate and memorialize the event that gave credence to the great need for this place....

6 thoughts on “The OKC Daily Cap(s) (122)

    1. Thank you for your comment Mona! Because it moved me in ways I did not expect, it seemed only right that the radio and cell phone went silent for my 3 hour ride back to Dallas.


  1. Each time we’ve been there, I’ve cried and felt a little numb. One visit was a night – totally surreal with the chair illuminated. Indeed, “The longer you’re there, the more you simply wonder “why”…. “.


    1. I felt the same emotion of sadness, Bec. But there was also a great deal of hope and resilience in the Park. I have a special place in my heart for Memorials. I’ve seen many that have not fully captured their potential, and I’ve seen many that evoke and influence a true spirit and impression of the intent, leaving a lasting impression in your heart and mind. OKC is one of those latter Memorials on my list. Thanks for your comment.


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