The TGIF Daily Cap(s) (153)


Good Friday morning
The Friday morning gathering of a bunch of quacks….
The first Friday of every June is National Donut Day – shouldn’t that be every day?
The spray park opens on this particular Friday…
A sunflowery Friday morning….
A cool looking shack along the side of the rode on a Friday morning drive-about
I can shoot overexposed butterfly pictures on any day, not just Fridays. (but there is something dramatically appealing about this photo, agreed?)
Even when you’re expected, wandering about the ball park on a Friday morning taking pictures (and not just of goofy shots of me in front of odd signs or eating donuts in the parking lot) certainly brings out inquisitive folks (and cops)…
A Friday morning breakfast picnic at sunrise….nothing beats that
The Friday evening nightcap at Rooster’s….now let’s see here, hmmmm….donut in the morning then a cheeseburger, pulled pork nachos, and a cold beer tonight. No wonder I’ve got a gut ache and my tonnage-loss program has been significantly compromised.


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