The BBQ Daily Cap(s) (155)

I stopped by our neighborhood Papa Murphy’s after church this morning…figured I would throw a pizza on the grill, and then get dinner ready
With the pizza cooking, the rack of pork ribs that was marinated last night with a Raspberry Chipotle rub (and then braised a vinegar-peanut oil-cayenne pepper concoction on the ribs every 20 minutes) was pulled from the refrig…got that ready for the grill as well
The pizza (lunch) came off, the ribs went on for a slow 3 1/2 hour cook…1 hour on the top rack with the pizza stone left on the grill.
After 2 1/2 hours, the rbis are moved to the grill and the pizza stone pulled. The Jalapeño and Poblano peppers, along with the onions, joined the ribs on the grill…
3 hours into the cook and I’ll be danged if these don’t look good (the ribs were “resting” about now)
I’m thinking not much can top a Sunday dinner than grilling Baby Back Ribs, a Poblano pepper, homemade tater salad (new recipe BTW), baked bacon-wrapped 1015 sweet onion, and fresh mixed greens as a salad. Who’s hungry – I have leftovers!

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