The Kansas Relay-For-Life Golf Daily Cap(s) (160)

A beautiful day to start the tournament….
Youngens were in trouble most of the day….
The course was treacherous in places…
OFNi Tara and OFNi Dani seemed a bit carefree this day….
A collection of May’s for sure….
Not sure if they were posing for me or what….
It was a game of “OMG!!!”
3 of the 4 Oldtimers (wonder where the 4th guy was….)
OFB TR – nice form bro! (WTH?)
When the cameras got close, someone choked….
FS and OFB Tony – watching the run of the putt
OFNe Trevor (his 30th birthday BTW) and OFNi Tara (his sister)…
You would think someone would have made this putt…someone…right?
An eagle putt elation….
OFB Tony…
Dad meets his great grandson Lincoln for the first time…after the tournament
Dad, FS, FGS – a three generation photo…who’s missing here? Oh yeah, me – I was taking the photo (obviously) – FS isn’t always so, so, so…intense hahaha
Grandpa TR and Uncle Tony had to be some kid-retrieving from over the neighbor’s fence (after a wiffle ball foul ball when that way)
A styling OFGrNe Toby….
OFGrNe Eli – he L-O-V-E-S chocolate covered strawberries

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