The National Birthday Daily Cap(s) (186)

Had The Colors posted out in front of the house today….
Then went to the local parade this morning and saw a Founding Father…on top of a brand new pickup and galvanized tool box…
and a dog with funny ears….
Kids participated in the parade…sort of
I bet they’re related somehow…
We even had low riders in the parade….
And then the livestock ended the parade…for more good reason than one….
Please don’t think anything less of me. Instead of hamburgers or hot dogs, I grilled Red Snapper, fennel, and poblano peppers…but hey, I wanted to put BBQ sauce on the fish, does that make it any more All-American? Those are green beans and potatoes with a dill saucy-ness (OK, let the grief begin)
Then tonight, we had us some fireworks…
ewww, ahhhh
It was fun times for all….
For a small town, it was an impressive showcase of fireworks. Happy 236th Birthday USA

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