The Airport iPhoning People Daily Cap(s) (218)

Oh the things you find (and see) while waiting on a delayed flight…..
Soooooooo, she is carrying her crutches?
No such thing as a low battery keeping this kid from gaming…..
Kid tugging on his dad…
Brothers (wish I got the front view of these two…they had matching goatees)
Only a man secure in his ways can wear tangerine colored shorts….
But then only a man secure in ways can were a 1980’s style short….
“Hey Lady! There’s something choking you?”
Parlez-vous francais?
There is no substitute (or excuse) in digging out the old grade school color wheel and selecting complimentary colors to wear (at least from the waist down)….
This is when you know your Facebooking controls your life….
This guy was really, really hungry….
I think he might have been a pro-wrestler….


This still causes rapid eye movement….
It’s always important to match your shoe color with your shirt….
You know you’re in Washington DC pretty quick…..









2 thoughts on “The Airport iPhoning People Daily Cap(s) (218)

  1. I’m always relieved not to catch a picture of myself in someone else’s street photography. :)
    Great shots!


    1. Hahaha. Thanks Elisa. And don’t worry, if I see you in an airport I will, with intention, not sneak a picture of you :)


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