Food at the State Fair of Texas is all about the 70-year old business of making Fletcher Corny Dogs….
And a dish of ‘Fried Jambalaya’ wins this year’s Best Taste of the State Fair
You know you’re in Texas, at the State Fair when the hood of the golf carts are decorated as one would expect…..
We grow our hats big down here….
And purses in the shape of quilted fish…
Fried Mexican Fire Crackers….
Orange flamingos at the Lagoon await their evening “Chinese Lantern” show….
Happened upon the Pillsbury pie judging – I LIKE PIE! but I would be danged if these ladies wouldn’t give me a fork for a taste….
The wall of ribbon-winning jellies, jams, pickled whatevers, and the like….
Oh geez…you figured out quickly your in the textile area of the Creative Arts Building when their golf cart is covered in…in…in yarn stuff
Dancing in the streets! (The Children Alpine Dancers) – made me break out in true Von Trapp family song “Edelvise, Edelvise…hum hum (couldn’t remember the words, nor could the folks on either side of me)
Fried Mac-n-Chese Sliders gets the ‘Most Creative’ food pick of the Fair
I wonder how Mom and Little Brother convinced Dad and Big Brother to push them around the State Fair….
Barbecue Texas style is done off a flat bed semi-tractor trailer…at the front door of the Midway.
The Chicken Fried Cactus Bites…won’t do those again
With the main Fairgrounds being 60-70 years old, you can find some pretty neat Art-Deco detailing in/on/around the buildings….
Big Tex saying “Howdy Folks” and mounted police plodding through the Fairgrounds!
A nice finish to the day: Deep-Fried Divine Chocolate Tres Leches Cake…