The Flappin’ Daily Cap(s) (282)

I love what the first 48° morning of the fall does for the ducks on/at the lake…splashing around, having a good time, in formation even if not flying, all heading the same direction as a team….
Then, as if on cue, they do an about-face and head off in the other direction….ohhhh and some – the rebels in the bunch – begin to get restless….
They begin to scatter and everybody gets all stirred up….and just like that (finger snap now), they’re off!
And sure enough, my Scissortail buddy just watches all this quackiness….
He bops around from perch to perch until he too says “enough” and takes off, leaving me pointing a lens into the bright morning sunrise
The evening and sunset highlights a few way-cool clouds (and yes, that’s me driving down the freeway taking pictures – don’t tell me insurance agent please)
A beautiful sunset, from the same vantage point where the ducks were frolicking this morning…(I love the “folds” in the clouds)
See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “The Flappin’ Daily Cap(s) (282)

  1. I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay. Images of waterfowl, especially this time of year, makes me fell alright with the world.


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