Road Trip!!!! My 30th college class reunion! You know you’re getting close to Manhattan (KS) when the water towers are properly adorned with the ‘Powercat’. Let the reminiscing begin.
A few stragglers from the Homecoming Parade…”the pride of Wildcat Land”
the famous Call Hall dairy sciences ice cream parlor – having a “Purple Pride” ice cream and a rush of fond memories of buying, back-in-the-day, a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk to feed the wife, FD, and me for $2….total. This one scope of ice cream, 30 years later, well…it cost me $3 so I ate it reeeaaaallll slooooowww with a grin on my face.
the true 1950’s-built barracks where we lived – aka married student housing – has been replaced with this….and they have the audacity to say “Founded 1957” for these apartments built 3 years ago?
A tavern in Aggieville – a reference/likeness to our beloved football coach? Only partially for sure!
Everyone that reads/follows my blog is encouraged to go vote and vote often for Rod – he’s my college classmate and all-around good guy (but he didn’t want me to walk the parade route with him for some reason).
Holy cow…only the paint color on the press boxes have changed. I happened upon Cico Park, home of my summer job umpiring unruly young men playing baseball for their all-knowing volunteer coaches (it was on the “blue” field that I tossed out of the game my first, and only, coach…and did so quite loudly and with a whole lot of theatre I might add).
Don’t we all end up taking a picture of our weekend accommodations? Or is it just me?