The Homecoming Game Day Daily Cap(s) (301)

Our pre-game brunch with the reunion bunch-of-us
Our tailgate meal with the reunion bunch-of-us….
Game day signage in Aggieville….
Game day apparel for sale (they weren’t selling).
Game day outside the stadium….
Game day inside the stadium….
I need confirmation from Aunt Marilyn or Cuz Brent, but I’m kind of certain the young lady with blond hair is my 2nd cousin Karissa…she’s a Classy Cat even if this isn’t her….
Down there in that mass of purple…here come the Wildcats!
Coach Snyder (the young white-haired guy going into the special teams huddle) is King of Manhattan and all of the Wildcat Nation….
Not too bad of a shot…from 30 rows up, right?
The young Wildcat fan seated in front of me….
The goofy Wildcat fan seated to the right of me (it was 33° and the guy had no fashion, or pants, or coat, or sense….but he was loved by the entire crowd of purple)
Willie the Wildcat exciting the crowd with his “K” – “S” – “U” chant and dance! Cat’s win big over Texas Tech! Thanks Willie!

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