The Saturday Boot Scootin’ Football Daily Cap(s) (315)

My beloved Kansas State Wildcats traveled to Fort Worth to play the TCU Horned Frogs…I had great seats along side a great friend….and the Cats won!
It was a very purple crowd….
You will need to forgive my photographic skills with this post – I did not have the media guy’s high dollar equipment, but merely my iPhone and shirt-pocket Canon to “snap” photos….
The pre-game saw pants of wild-ness….
And costumes from the book of out-there-ness….
But what caught my eye the most were the boots…TCU gals wear skirts and boots to the football games for crying out loud!
Purple Leggins and Boots….
And Just Purplely Decorated Boots….
Black and Brown Boots….
And Boots with “FROGS” on the heel….hey wait a minute lady, where are your boots?
We got your all Purple Boots….
And a walking closet of Boots….
Bare leg and Blue Jean Boots….
Tall Boots….
Fuzzy Boots….
Shoes amongst the Many Boots….
Ahhh yes! The occasional Wildcat Boots would come along….
The junior Frog had no Boots….
And guy’s boring shoes kept hiding the Boots from me….
We had your Tennis Shoes, Knee Braces, and Boots….
And TCU Boots next to Sneakers….
Strappin’ Boots….
Sandals with heels and Boots….
Boots standing, and Boots walking away Boots….
Shoes, Flip Flops and TCU Boots at the curb….
And Curly, Pointy Toed Boots….
The think the Cheerleaders should have Boots….
I really could have used my “good” camera this night, but my “bitty” camera got my point across….The Cats gave the Frogs the “boot” 23-13

3 thoughts on “The Saturday Boot Scootin’ Football Daily Cap(s) (315)

    1. “those are some swift-kickin’ boots, I’m here to tell ya….did I mention Honey, the Cats won!” Now I’m wondering what next week’s Baylor tailgating crowd wears? :)


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