IMG_3975For this Prince of mine I have considered many a names:

Barclay, Gowan, Callum, Toran, Margadale, Marcus, Laine, Innes, Nachton, Lyall,
Dunyvey, Tain, Barley, Haggis, Glenburgie

And considered many suggestions:

Peat, Ozzy, Fergus, Farquhar, Shamus, Duncan, Dexter, McTavish, Cosby, Milton, Angus,
Hamish, Ollie, Piper, Charming, Edward

I have a name in mind….

If you think of some other name, leave a comment. Keep in mind the Princess as  our two Scotties will be called “Zoey and _________, the Royal Heirs”. This Prince will be named by sunrise tomorrow. But I give y’all an opportunity to chime in with a poll of a narrowed list: