Walking a Neighborhood in Bloom

My backyard Sour Cherry Tree (and not another pollinator anywhere close that I know of)

Sneaking a picture of neighbor’s Daylily (this took some “stealth photography” exercises in order not to alert the yappy dogs of my encroachment)

Petunias greet the postman every Spring day next door…

I’ve had these Spiderlilies at my front door for many years, although the blooms get less each year as my trees give too much shade (a Jamaican gardener I once knew called these “Trashy Ladies”…he had his reasons and I’ll leave it at that)

Why is it a rose – or that by any other name – poses such a photographic challenge for me…every blooming time?


A Clematis twines the neighbor’s mailbox

Spent roses (Hey! Now these are roses I can photograph!)

Just about to burst open to delight all that take notice….

A neighbor practicing his own version of a rooftop garden…apparently

One thought on “Walking a Neighborhood in Bloom

  1. HA! My Mom calls Spider Lilies “Naked Ladies”…probably for the same reasons the Jamaican Gardener calls them “Trashy Ladies”. :)


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