(4) Wednesday Favs Video (1)

Something new! I’ve shared favorite music videos before, but not with consistency. So having this iPhone playlist of sentimental favorite songs of memories, toe tapping, knee slapping rhythms, love lost and love found, happy tunes and no sad ones, and songs with lyrics foreign to me and a couple without any at all. I am goaled to do this every Wednesday in 2017 without a repeat video.

Know that I’ve listened to this playlist for the past 7 months every Friday and Sunday night during my 4 hour commute from Houston to Dallas and back again. Hang on for an eclectic collection of music, but celebrate not having to hear my karaoke. Hope its fun!

To start off the new year, one of my favorite male singers…and well within my sing-a-long voice range: “Hello Again” (Raul Malo)


6 thoughts on “(4) Wednesday Favs Video (1)

    1. I know! I was going to say that his facial hair and body girth was very similar to mine in the post but thought that sounded a bit too narcissistic. He’s obviously a much more talented entertainer and better looking than me :) However, you should hear my harmony with this song…don’t you know it always sounds pitch-perfect when you’re by yourself driving an interstate highway.

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