It is well

Funny thing happened on the way to the church the other day.

It started with…oh wait, first a lead in: A typical Sunday morning routine of mine when driving to church is to plug my iPod (iPhone actually) to the truck stereo and get to singing with a playlist simply labeled “Sunday”. Of the hundred or so gospel/Christian music owned, the songs in this playlist are my favorites. This list numbers 24 songs as of today, and is populated with “standards of the faith” as much as it is with more contemporary songs that stir my spiritual soul.

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To be jolly

Now if you just so happen to watch the video, and you don’t catch yourself smiling, then I’ll come see you to massage that hardened heart of yours. It is, after all, the season to be jolly. So be it! Stop it with the political moaning, employment groaning, life-is-not-fair bellyaching, and the unsociable Facebooking for but a few minutes…and sing a Christmas song, for crying out loud, that might make others smile for all the right Godly reasons.

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We Will Remember

Just when I figured I had heard most of the standards of the faith, and most of the popular Christian Gospel theses days sang and/or performed at church, Denton Bible throws one at me this morning an inspiration that I’ve been singing all day: I will say I prefer Kendall (leading the choir), our 3 soloists, and the 50-60 folks in the Denton Bible Choir singing their version. It gets the hair on our arms standing up and it makes even the worst singer a part of the choir for nearly 5 whole minutes! Continue reading We Will Remember

Morning light

Most regular readers to this blog know I am a bit bonkers about photographing sunrises and sunsets. So for a change in scenry, I happened across this early morning sunrise photo on Saturday while driving through Flower Mound. Nothing like an inspirational glimpse at God casting His morning light on the steeple of His house. And I doubt He minds much with the red hawk sitting on the cross of His house of worship either. Continue reading Morning light

A mixed bag of Sunday

So many happenings today….

Even though Tommy wasn’t in the pulpit this morning, DBC was nonetheless humbling.

Even though oversized but wearable clothes were in the closet, Bass Pro got a bunch of my money (and the smaller sizes purchased brought a proud grin to my face).

Facing the western horizon, the sunset would have been in my face but instead tucked itself behind the clouds (and underexposed the shot intentionally)

Even though my tonnage-loss program is strict in the “oh-no-you-don’ts”, the three pulled pork nachos, 6 rooster tails (fried onion strips), chopped salad, and a couple bites of fried peach pie with homemade ice cream was absolutely divine.

Even though it was a cloudless, hot summer day, the sunset tonight was pretty…cool.

But it was my internet find with a article this evening that caught my attention. Having just been involved with a pro bono design for a Veterans Memorial in my hometown, an article read (and heard) on the controversial 9/11 Memorial quickly drew my interest.

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